On September 7, the second public hearing was held at the Dexter Township Hall regarding the establishment of a new Special Assessment District for the North Lake Improvement Project to control invasive weeds in the lake. No opposition was voiced to the Board of Public Works regarding the project. The board unanimously approved moving forward with the project. The proposed project now goes to the County Board of Trustees for final approval. The NLPA Board supports this project and is pleased the assessed rates will not rise for the next five years if the project is approved.


North Lake Improvement Project

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Kudos go out once again to the fabulous people of North Lake. Dave Steinbach and his crew of volunteers did a great job providing us with another year of dazzling fireworks.  Kim and Scott Brockhuisen planned and carried out the wonderful boat parade and Janice and Todd Ortbring were the awesome hosts of the luau party.  Thanks to you all.  

​​Don't Feed The Waterfowl - Five Reasons Why It's Harmful (click here)  

​​​​​​County Approves Second Step In Lake Improvement Project Renewal


The annual meeting of the NLPA is held each August. All North Lake property owners are invited. A notice of time and place will appear in this box. Thank you to all those who attend and help keep North Lake so special. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

The Fabulous People of North Lake

Protect The North Lake Turtle Log

All boaters are asked to stay away from the Turtle Log. Boat props harm both the turtle habitat and the turtles themselves.