​​​​​​Tax Assessments Cut Once Again!

At the annual meeting of the North Lake Protection Association, the Special Assessment District (SAD) for North Lake weed control was discussed.  The estimated amount needed for weed control in 2017 is approximately $35,000-$40,000.  A motion was passed to collect 50% of the regular assessment on our December 2016 tax bill, generating $25,000 and using carryover funds to cover the rest of the cost for the 2017 weed control.

The savings are $110 for lakefront properties, $70 for normal lake access parcels, and $35 for North Lake Farms properties.  A sincere thank-you to the North Lake volunteers who help hold down these costs by their contributions of time and expertise. 


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Protect The North Lake Turtle Log

All boaters are asked to stay away from the Turtle Log. The turtle habitat and the turtles themselves are being decimated by the boat props.

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