2020 brought a significant increase in the algae problem in North Lake.  We first started seeing an algae problem in 2018, which increased somewhat in 2019.  This year it is worse.   The algae found in North Lake is generally unsightly but not dangerous.

​North Lake is fortunate to have our SAD (Special Assessment District) to financially support treatment efforts, and our own North Lake neighbors Dave Pruess and Paul Lammers, who continually monitor for weed and algae problems in the lake.  We also have professional advise from Dr. Doug Pullman from Aquest Corporation, Jeff Knox from Aquatic Services, and Lauren Koloski from Washtenaw County.

We have already had several algae treatments this year and are continuing to monitor the situation.  We want to make sure North Lake is kept safe from any toxic algae.  We will alert everyone if this condition should ever arise. 


Because of the Coronavirus, the annual meeting was held via ZOOM on Monday, August 3. Everyone for whom we had a valid email address was invited to participate.  Items discussed were the algae and weed issues and the renewal of the SAD agreement to assure funding for future lake treatments. Thank you to all who attended.

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​Clarke Aquatic Services

    Lake treatment contractor information            including treatment schedules when              available.

North Lake Improvement Project

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Waterfront Wisdom

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 Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants

​    A Comprehensive Guide to Nuisance              Plants, Control Practices, and Their                  Environmental Impacts

​ Don't Feed The Waterfowl

      Five reasons why it's harmful


The Fabulous People of North Lake


Located in the northwest corner of Washtenaw County, Michigan, about 7 miles north of Chelsea, North Lake is a lovely lake surrounded by a friendly lake community.  Dedicated volunteers continually do water testing to insure the lake stays healthy. Others plan our annual fireworks display and boat parade. Thanks to all who make our lake community so great.

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For more than 20 years Northlakers have enjoyed a spectacular fireworks display through the dedication and hard work of Dave Steinbach and his crew of volunteers. Many hours of preparation are necessary for this event. The fireworks are funded solely by donations from North Lakers. Please support them by sending your donation to Dave Steinbach, 13851 Sauer Dr., Gregory, 48137.​

​Our mission: To protect the ecological, recreational, and aesthetic well being of North Lake

Camp Burt Shurly News

Camp Closure:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the camp will be closed for the summer.  Hopefully we can all help protect the camp and facilities by nicely asking trespassers to leave the property.

Camp Burt Shurly/NLPA Liaison:  The Camp and NLPA are striving to improve communications and cooperation. If you have any comments, ideas, or complaints about the camp please contact Mary Lou Frendt, our camp liaison, at 475-3480.

Protect The Turtle Logs

All boaters are kindly asked to stay away from the Turtle Logs. Boat props harm both the turtle habitat and the turtles themselves. 

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