History of Weed Control

In the summer of 1985 Ginny Bachman was appointed Weed Control Committee Chairperson by the North Lake Protection Association President, Ralph Rumsey. For the next two years she gathered information, explored various lake quality control efforts, and consulted with government and professional experts.

In 1988 Ginny's husband, Jerry, agreed to co-chair the committee. Together with then president of NLPA Mary Lou Frendt and others, a questionnaire was distributed to learn the concerns and actions supported by residents.

The NLPA Lake Study/Weed Control Committee was formed with Sheridan Springer frequently adding his help in his related role as leader of the Lake Development Task Force. By now it was clear that the primary problem had surfaced in the form of an increasing lake infestation of Eurasian Milfoil.

The first treatment was done in 1989. For many years the program was funded on a voluntary contribution basis. New invasive species and hybrid milfoil made the volunteer approach impractical; we needed more expertise and better funding to deal with the growing problems.

In 2007, under the guidance and hard work of then President Dan Kruse, a Special Assessment District administered by Washtenaw County was approved. In 2008 weed treatments were done under this program.  


Through the Special Assessment District the county contracts with a consultant firm to assess the problematic weeds.  They then contract with a licensed contractor to do the applications within the EPA and MI DEQ regulations.


North Lake Protection Association

​​​​​​North Lake Special Assessment District

In October 2017, the county approved a new five-year term for the Special Assessment District. The rates are the same as they have been since 2008; $220 for lakefront owners, $140 for normal lake access owners, and $70 for North Lakes Farms owners.  In 2016 and 2017 only 50% of these rates were charged due to savings in the program. Much of these savings are due to the work of the North Lake volunteers who do the water testing and survey the lake for changes in weed growth. The Special Assessment district period runs through 2022.  The NLPA will initiate the renewal process in early 2022 to continue the program.  Our volunteers are not only helping the lake, but they are saving all of us money on our tax assessments.  The NLPA looks forward to continued success in cost effective treatment of our lake.

​​NLPA is a non-profit organization established to protect the ecological, recreational, and aesthetic well-being of North Lake.  Property owners with lakefront or lakefront-access in their land titles are automatic members.  Presently the membership is approximately 250 households.  The number varies from time to time as some members own multiple properties.

NLPA Board


 Dan Kruse

 Vice Pres

 Ted Mickevicius

 Sec/Treas Sheryl Ulin

 "Laker" Editor

 Dick Frendt

 Web Design     

 Cyndy Mickevicius

Landing Representatives

 Gilbert Drives David & Laura Stahl
 Glen Oaks Dan Kruse
 Hadley/Eisenbieser Kent Thiel
 Noah's Landing Jim McInnis
 North Lake Farms Rod Payne
 North Lake Rd Steve & Ann Koch
 Park Lawn

 Eric Batzdorfer &

 Paul Seelbach

 Sauer Drive Joel Blum/Don Zak
 Stonehedge Vly Gordon Fournier
 Watt Road Paul Lammers
 Webb's Landing Dave Pruess

​Anyone interested in representing either North or South Gilbert Drives, please use the Contact Us page to let us know of your interest. We will contact you and give you all the information. It is really quite a small commitment of time.


The NLPA has been active in the Multi-Lake Sewer Initiative, the lake level control project, "keyhole" issues, water quality monitoring, and other issues affecting the lake. The organization also promotes boating safety. Presently the primary activity is the control of invasive and nuisance plants in the lake.