Burt Russell Shurly  1871-1950

Fundraising to Improve Camp

The camp covers more than 200 acres of pristine land and camp structures. Presently Consulting Resource Associates (CRA) and others are beginning a fundraising campaign to update the infrastructure and build new facilities to benefit the camp.

To read a brochure about the planned improvements, click here.

​A major fund raising campaign will begin soon. Check back here for updates on how you can contribute to this fund and other ways you can help the camp.

1940 Detroit TB Sanatorium, North Lake Camp

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Zip Lines

Since 1931 this beautiful property on North Lake has been used as a camp. First used as a children's tuberculosis camp and now as a camp for the youth in the Detroit Public School System, the property remains in its natural state and is a treasure to our North Lake community.

The history of the property is as diverse and interesting as the acreage itself. In 2019 Dick and Mary Lou Frendt did extensive research on the history of the camp and published an article in "The Laker". To read this article click here.

Burt Shurly was an amazing man who excelled at everything he undertook.  He loved his country, his field of medicine, and was a leader in the field of education.

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Rock Climbing Wall

2019 Camp Burt Shurly