Fish Studies

In the past various fish studies have been conducted on North Lake. Below are several of these reports.

1985 Fish Study

1967 Fish Study

1950 Fish Study

North Lake Studies

​Presently, independent water quality monitoring is conducted by NLPA through a trained cadre of volunteers in association with MiCORPS' Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP).  MiCORPS is a state organization that trains and provides support to lake associations. Our goal is to fulfill our mission to protect the ecological, recreational, and aesthetic well-being of North Lake.  This entails a proactive approach to problems while controlling any potential adverse impacts to the lake.

In 1988 and 1992 North Lake studies were performed by Freshwater Physicians, Inc.  Freshwater Physicians did an additional survey in 1994 somewhat different from the 1988 and 1992 studies. However, they provide a comparison with those studies where the parameters are the same.  From 1993-2010 NLPA contracted with Wallace E. Fusilier, Ph.D. and Bene Fusilier, M.A., Consulting Limnologists for water quality studies. Summaries of all these reports are provided below.  The CLMP annual reports will be provided in the future as they become available.